HALDANE CREATIONS is a licensed Hirst Arts, 4Bot & Lady Sabelle Designer & Developer


Our products ranging from Historical, Fantasy, World Wars, Space battles, Future and more...many of our designs are made from Hirst Arts, Lady Sabelle Designs and 4BOT molds, these items make a great addition to you Dwarven Forge collection or any other 25 - 28mm terrain collection.  We also offer a full line of Hirst Arts Dungeon Tiles for your collection.

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Hirst Arts

Hirst Arts is the best in the business, and a leader in the miniature terrain and we offer a very large selection of castings from their molds. Check out our castings…

4Bot Industries

4Bot Industries produces some of the best molds out there, these castings make a great addition to any project your working on. Check out the castings we offer from this great designer.

Lady Sabelle Designs

Lady Sabelle Designs is the innovative designers behind some of the coolest accessory molds to be used as a clay press and resin molds.


We offer a wide selection of WWI, WWII, Sci-Fi, Warhammer, 40k, D&D, Wizard War and many other games. Our terrain is all designed by us…

Handmade Products

We specialize in unique handmade crocheted items designed to make babies and children camera ready at any moment from day to day and season to season. Create lasting and special memories to cherish forever. Also while you are here have a look at my new and ever expanding adult line. Something for all of the family!



Check out our eBid Store offering a full selection of our hand made items, tabletop gaming lines and steam punk products as well as eBid exclusive items!!!

Go to Our eBay Store

Our eBay Store

Check out our eBay Store offering a full selection of our hand made items, tabletop gaming lines and steam punk products as well as eBay exclusive items!!!

Go to Our Etsy Shop

Our Etsy Shop

Checkout our Etsy shop to find a wide selection of handmade crochet items as well as a full selection of our other items from Tabletop Gaming to Steam Punk items.

About Us

Bringing your Fantasies to Life on a Smaller Scale and Helping you find that special handmade item you need!

Haldane Creations is a family owned business with a deep passion for the gaming and medieval world, as well as unique and hand-crafted items. From technology oriented items, to miniatures and games, to unique or hand-crafted items...our goal is to share our passion with others. Haldane Creations has been in business for over 30+ years. We began in 1981 designing gaming terrain, and in we launched our first online store in 1985, yes that's right, 1985, with our BBS service known as DEXIS Online and we have been going strong ever since. Today, our business includes a store on etsy.com and--of course--on eBay.com as well. Over the years we have designed a large inventory of products for all aspects of Tabletop gaming and we continue to add more all the time based on the feedback from our customers. Haldane Creations has a full line of handmade items which are made in the USA, in our shop, by members of our family and our staff. Custom orders can be made by request. You imagination is our inspiration!  See some of our work on our Etsy Store at etsy.haldanecreations.com All of our resin products and Gaming items are made in the USA with supplies made in the USA, we believe in the concept of reinventing America through Micro-Manufacturing and bringing the manufacturing industry back to America. By doing this we do our part to create jobs, bring revenue from over seas into our community and as a result we help to stimulate the economy. This is how the American dream is built and created.

  • We offer a full line of Hirst Arts & 4Bot Castings and much more.

  • Haldane Creations has a full line of handmade items which are made in the USA, in our shop, by members of our family and our staff.

  • Haldane Creations is a licensed Developer & Distributor of both Hirst Arts & 4Bot Industries .

  • Haldane Creations works to help our customers have the best gaming experence they can have, we love getting ideas and feedback from our customers.


Our staff members are the backbone of Haldane Creations, their work is some of the best around and combined have over 80 years in the Miniature market.

Randy McCann

My Side of the house is the gaming terrain, I love designing and creating things like this, been working with terrain as far back as 1981. If we do not make it we will do our best to create it for you.

Claudia McCann

I love to crochet and knit…although I find that I love to crochet just a little bit more. It’s relaxing, and I love that I am creating something happy :) I’m also a miniature terrain designer and I love to do that as well but its more fun to make my husband do it LOL

James R McCann, III

Designer/Game Tester
JR works on new designs for our product lines, and never sleeps when he should, but its worth it for the ideas he comes up with.

John Lawrence

John designs both gaming terrain and Steam Punk Jewelry, check out his work in our Store in the Steam Punk Jewelry category.

Aden & Logan Ward

QC Department/Product Testing
Our QC Department, if it survives them its good to go :) Its good to have Grand Babies …